Short writings by Ursula K LeGuin

A small collection of a short story, two essays, some poetry, and an interview
  • I keep hoping that the corporations will realize that publishing is not, in fact, a sane or normal business with a nice healthy relationship to capitalism. the practices of literary publishing houses are, in almost every way, by normal business standards, impractical, exotic, abnormal, and insane.
  • the relationship of art to capitalism is, to put it mildly, feed. it is seldom a happy marriage. amused contempt is about the pleasantest emotion either partner feels for the other. their definitions of what profiteth a man are too different.
  • The Next War
    It will take place,
    it will take time,
    it will take life,
    and waste them.
  • Peace Vigils
    My friend, self, fool,
    have you been standing
    with a lighted candle
    for five years
    in the rain?
    What for?

    I guess to show
    a candle can keep burning
    in the rain.

  • If modesty is interpreted not as diffidence or self-effacningness, but as non-overweening, a realistic assessment of the job to be done and one’s ability to do it, then you might say a chief virtue of excellent artists is their modesty. we may mistake it for arrogance because the ability they knew they had was so immense that they were unafraid to do what nobody else dared. but knowing your limits and going to them isn’t arrogance. it’s greatness of spirit.