The Lamb will Slaughter the Lion – Margret Killjoy

Beautiful and fun book. Quick read. Fascinating realistic characters that I feel like I’ve met at organizing meetings. Highly recommended.
  • When there’s not enough to go around, that’s when people share. As far as I can tell, it’s part of why us poor get taken advantage of so much.
  • Beautiful: “No one is perfect, but as far as I can tell, Anchor got all that being imperfect out of his system when he was younger.”
  • Great facilitation: “We’ve put a hell of a lot of work into Freedom, Iowa. However sure you are that your side is right, keep in mind the other side is just as sure, and both sides are so stubborn because they’re convinced their way is the only thing that can save this town. You’re fighting because you all want the same thing, you all want to save this town. That’s what I’m asking you to keep in mind as you’re thinking over what you’re going to say. I’m going to ask one person from each side frame the debate, we’re going to hear from the room, and then we’re going to settle this reasonably and come up with a plan of action.”
  • We grow most of our own food, we generate our own power. We make our own rules, we ignore our own rules when we feel like we’ve got to. We are the kings of the fucking earth, in Freedom, Iowa. No evictions here.