The Barrow Will Send What It May – Margaret Killjoy

Sequel to “The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion”
  • Anarchists stick together. Well, except when we get mad at one another over small details.
  • It’s okay to let yourself love someone, but that letting yourself love someone is like letting someone have the keys to your control room, so you can share the responsibility of running yourself with someone else. It’s worth doing, and people will get in there and pull the wrong levers but that’s just the risk you gotta take.
  • We need people.
    It’s not really giving up our freedom to be close with people. Because freed only exists in relation to other people. I thought I needed to be left alone. I just needed people. Good people.
  • Men will do anything if they think it’s in the best interests of some woman they love. Whether or not the woman agrees.