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This is an Uprising – Mark and Paul Engler

Great book. Highly recommend for anyone doing any kind of social justice work. Especially people trying to build up a movement.
  • Uprising can be a craft, and that this craft can change our world. Those who practice it tell us that outbreaks of widespread disruption, although commonly misunderstood, are neither flukes nor fleeting failures.
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Life of an Anarchist – Alexander Berkman

A collection of excerpts and works by Berkman: Memoirs of a Anarchist, BLAST articles, The Bolshevik Myth, Letters with Emma Goldman, and the ABCs of Anarchism.
The ABCs of Anarchism is an excellent and simple explanation of Anarchism.
  • General
    • The real despotism of republican institutions is far deeper, more insidious, because it rests on the popular delusion of self-government and independence.
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Expect Resistance – CrimethInc

6/1/16 (or so)
  • Just beautiful passages
    • It hijacks history classes and funerals, waylays secretaries on the way to the coffee machine, turn rails into slides and shopping malls into playgrounds, it sends lives spinning out of control. Movie directors endeavor to harness it, travel agents to peddle it, political parties to enlist it; but fantasy, like those who pursue it in earnest, can serve no employer.
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Rolling Thunder 12 – CrimethInc

  • What they mean when they say peace
    • Real peace cannot be imposed; it can only emerge as a consequence of the resolution of conflict. hence the classic chant: no justice, no peace.
    • That means you can’t have rich people and poor people without police to impose that unequal relation to resources.
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Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism – Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt

I got a lot out of reading this book. It’s definition and understanding of Anarchism is more clear than anything I’ve read so far. A bit dense at times though.
Though now there is controversy surrounding Michael Schmidt apparently being a White Nationalist.
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Short writings by Ursula K LeGuin

A small collection of a short story, two essays, some poetry, and an interview
  • I keep hoping that the corporations will realize that publishing is not, in fact, a sane or normal business with a nice healthy relationship to capitalism. the practices of literary publishing houses are, in almost every way, by normal business standards, impractical, exotic, abnormal, and insane.
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