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Rolling Thunder 12 – CrimethInc

  • What they mean when they say peace
    • Real peace cannot be imposed; it can only emerge as a consequence of the resolution of conflict. hence the classic chant: no justice, no peace.
    • That means you can’t have rich people and poor people without police to impose that unequal relation to resources.
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Black Flame: The Revolutionary Class Politics of Anarchism and Syndicalism – Michael Schmidt and Lucien van der Walt

I got a lot out of reading this book. It’s definition and understanding of Anarchism is more clear than anything I’ve read so far. A bit dense at times though.
Though now there is controversy surrounding Michael Schmidt apparently being a White Nationalist.
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Octavia’s Brood – Collection

This is a great book. Short stories of visionary fiction from mostly activist writers. Very interesting.
  • In it’s essence, social justice work, which King embodied and Butler expressed so skillfully in her novels and stories, is about love – a love that has the best hopes and wishes for humanity at heart.
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